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Legal basement fire escape window


Adding natural light to a basement makes it feel like a main floor.

Increasing your window size in a basement or adding a window brings in much needed and natural light and makes the space feel bigger and healthier.


We specialize in cutting open basement foundations to install egress windows throughout Durham region. We will cut through your concrete foundation, then install a framework to secure the new window too. Window wells are dugout first and drainage installed. The area is surveyed to make sure no ground water gets in the space, grading may have to be done. We don’t want any chance of water getting into your basement so the opening is double sealed and your eaves trough system is inspected. Finally, the inside is trimmed so that once we’re complete you have nothing to do but enjoy the light.

An egress window is a type of window that can be easily opened from the inside without any keys, tools, or physical difficulties. The Ontario Building Code states that these types of windows must be in basement dwellings to ensure all occupants have a point of exit, in case of a fire or other emergency.


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