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What Our Client Say About Us

When the time came to replace all the windows in our home, we reached out to ACM Doors and Windows. We had already interviewed many other companies but with further contemplation we decided to meet with ACM Doors and Windows as a final consideration. We were simply astounded. He was exactly what we had been seeking all along and we knew it almost the moment we began talking with him. Every single thing about him simply resonated with the superior qualities we weren’t seeing anywhere else. We are informed and skilled in home construction and development and improvement ourselves and we have exceptional standards for our own work, so when we met ACM Doors and Windows and saw in him the same standards, we immediately chose him above all the others. ACM Doors and Windows is consistent, trustworthy, honest, meticulous. He is very supportive and an expert guide in navigating the process from start to finish. He hires only those who will work for him in the way that reflects his values and when they were in our home, ACM Doors and Windows and his staff worked quietly, diligently, carefully and with respect. ACM Doors and Windows is very thorough in every step that he takes. We know that his thoroughness, though a personal attribute firstly, also comes from his extensive experience of installation, the quality of his knowledge, and the many years of service he has provided. We changed 22 large windows in our home which included three bay windows. ACM Doors and Windows exceeded our expectations. Though the old windows needed changing the main reluctance was the loss of character that we saw happening all around us in other homes where windows were being changed. We are over the top with happiness with what ACM Doors and Windows and his installers did for us. He made sure to transform our home with these windows and when he was finished, the fresh and updated look complimented our home MORE that the originals and the character that we were so concerned to lose……he carefully crafted beauty into each window. We are stunned with what he masterfully created for us. It is his business to do well by his clients from a professional standpoint, but so much more importantly, he really cared and was very sensitive to our desire. That is the best way to do business in our books. Really care about your clients enough because what matters to them, matters to you. At the end of the day, ACM Doors and Windows and his staff ensured that their work spaces were cleaned and when they arrived exactly on time the next morning using the entire day productively until the days work was complete they cleaned again. They were not disruptive in our home with music, chatter, or lack of organization, but rather, though the home was in upset from furniture being out of place to accommodate necessary work space, we were able to go about the business of living in our home each day with truly very little effect. And when the time of finishing detail was undertaken, ACM Doors and Windows made sure to take the necessary time and skill to work patiently to bring it to completion. We have never seen our home look so lovely, and we are so proud that we live in it. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to ACM Doors and Windows and his staff for making our house outstanding. We have found the best man for the job and we will never look any further than ACM Doors and Windows for future projects. It is our greatest pleasure to recommend this gentleman who created his wonderful business ACM Doors and Windows. He is truly a treasure in this area and, because windows are no small thing, we are so grateful for his contribution to our enjoyment of our home. It is the talk of the neighbourhood!!!

- Steven and Barbara Vance (June, 2017)

Excellent products, service, and prices. I have bought North Star windows through ACM for a number of years. The owner if very patient and knowledgeable. Would recommend ACM to customers wanting an installed product, DIYers, and contractors.

- Paul Hapon

Dear ACM, Just a short note to thank you for the wonderful job you did on our replacement windows. From the very first time we met you in your showroom, we felt very confident and comfortable with your sales experience. We were replacing a lot of windows but after checking out other window people, we knew for sure that we would go with you. Your work ethics are pristine and so professional. We would highly recommend you to other clients, so please do not hesitate to use our name as a reference.

- Dianne & Ted Houghton

It is very rare to find a competent home improvement provider such as ACM and his staff at ACM Doors & Windows. All work was completed on time and on budget and the quality of our windows was everything that ACM had promised. ACM 's product knowledge and professional workmanship are exceptional, and we could not believe how meticulously clean our home was after each window was installed. We highly recommend ACM Doors & Windows!

- Gerry & Barb Marshall, Whitby, Ontario

It was a pleasure dealing with ACM from start to finish. Everything was very professionally done on time and to my satisfaction. The new windows look great and were as promised. ACM installed them himself, never left one piece of rubbish. Great job. 10/10!

- Gord Johnson, Oshawa (June, 2014)

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